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Name: Jurjen Kranenborg (E.J. Kranenborg)

Born: 21 May 1967, Eenrum, The Netherlands

Nationality: Dutch

Family status: Married, three children


Contact information:

E-mail (private):This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact page in menu


Current employer & function description (from 15 June 2016 – now):

Name: NHL (Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden) University of Applied Sciences

Function: Lecturer Engineering: Embedded systems, Mechatronics, Transport Physics, Materials Science


Previous employer & function description (until 15 June 2016):

Name: ABB Germany (Bad Honnef), BU Power Products / Transformers

Function: Senior Principal Engineer & Power Transformer Global Architecture Team member (Thermal Domain responsible)


Experience areas:

Global R&D, Strategy & Roadmap development, Technology Transfer, Software Engineering, Transformer design, Design optimization, Design Reviews, Computational Physics (CFD & Thermo-hydrodynamic network models), Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Reduced-Order modeling, Dynamical Systems Analysis, Electronics Hardware Design, Digital Electronics, Embedded systems, Microcontrollers and sensors, Technology Management , Standardization, Standards Development, Customer support (external & internal), Project Assessment (14x, Gate Model for progress decision), Special Education, Student Counseling.



-     English (fluent),

-     German (fluent),

-     Swedish (fluent),

-     Dutch (fluent, native)



Employment history with main responsibilities


ABB, Västerås, Sweden (2005 – 2014) & Bad Honnef, Germany (2014 – June 2016)


Formal positions in ABB:

-     June 2015 – June 2016: Senior Principal Engineer, ABB Germany (Power Transformers), Bad Honnef

-     October 2014 – May 2015: Principal Scientist, ABB Germany (Power Transformers), Bad Honnef

-     August 2013 – September 2014: Team Leader (5 members) PPTR Technology Centre,  ABB Corporate  Research, Västerås, Sweden

-     January 2010 – July 2013: Principal Scientist & Power Transformer Global Architecture Team member (50 % BU Medium & Large Power Transformers, 50 % ABB Corporate Research)

-     April 2008 – December 2009: Senior Research Scientist, Västerås, Sweden

-     April 2005 – March 2008: Research Scientist, Västerås, Sweden


Main tasks & responsibilities in ABB:

-     Project leadership “Transformer Cooling” (four-person team). Main project activities included:

o   Re-architecting thermal design software as part of major overhaul of transformer software design system (guarding requirements for physical,  technical and user domain views in this process), foreseen as three-year project (2016 – 2018).

o   Division Technology Manager assignment: Mapping and aggregation possibilities of physics simulation technologies and tools in the Transformers division.

-     Power Transformer Global Architecture Team member (2010 – 2016), with the following responsibilities:

o   Further development of the thermal area of the ABB-global transformer design architecture (TrafoStar) for ABB’s medium & large power transformers, with responsibility for technology, technical standards, guidelines and designer training on thermal design optimization.

o   Development & implementation strategy for ABB thermal design software (design: thermo-hydrodynamic network models, analysis: CFD models + validation activities).

o   Responsibility for thermal design road map and related project generation for ABB’s power transformers, as well as external publication policy.

-     Coordinator & contact person of “Cooling Team” (2010-2016): informal team of 6 people from both Corporate Research and Product Group Transformers that works on all aspects of transformer thermal design , model development, implementation, verification and designer support), including coordination of Product Group and CRC strategies through strategic roadmap development.

-     Team Leader, focusing on the implementation of a new PPTR-funded group of experienced research specialists (5 people) for better utilizing R&D competences in the transformer area and knowledge transfer between Corporate Research and the PPTR Division (August 2013 – September 2014).

-    R&D to Product Group technology transfer (2015-2016): CFD transformer simulation in order design (designer training, service implementation & model delivery).

-     Representation of ABB in international standardization workgroup (CIGRE WG A2.38, task force leader CFD simulation technologies).

-     Project Assessor for project reviews (14 times up to now, as part of Gate Model applied to decision process for project follow-up).

-     Responsibility for ABB-internal design reviews on new strategically important transformer designs, failure cases and external (customer) design review support.

-     Customer contacts: support with factory audits & promotion of upgrade of design review process for power transformers for increased thermal reliability by design (e.g. Doble Customer Seminar, Dubai 2015, Cordoba Factory Audit by EDF customer, 2011).

-     Proposer & supervisor of student projects (see separate section below).


Philips Research Eindhoven (Nat.Lab), The Netherlands (2000 - 2005)

Research Scientist, Software Architectures group

-     Development of Software Architecture approaches (focus on Domain Modeling techniques)

-     Application of domain modeling techniques on future consumer electronics applications

o   Services.

o   Patterns for ambient intelligent systems definition (use case definition using Software Architecture patterns).


Waterloopkundig Laboratorium (now part of Deltares) (1998 – 2000)

-     Advisor / Researcher at Delft Hydraulics, section Marine and Estuarine Systems,

-     Practical work on water quality simulations, development/improvement on model toolset.


Free University of Amsterdam (1996  - 1998), Earth Sciences

-     PostDoc Sedimentary Geology, Modeling relation of E. Huxleyii primary production and calcium-carbonate sedimentation for use in palaeo-oceanographic models of primary organic production and CO2 uptake.




-     1991 - 1996: Ph.D. Physics & Astronomy, Utrecht University (Prof. W.P.M De Ruijter & Prof. H.A. Dijkstra) on “Double-Diffusive Convection due to Lateral Thermal Forcing”.

-     1985 - 1991: M.Sc. Applied Mathematics, Twente University, Control functions for orthogonal numerical grid generation. (Prof. P.J. Zandbergen & Dr. B.H. Gilding), performed at Delft Hydraulics.





-    Transformer Winding Oil Flow Rate & Hot Spot Temperature: A Straightforward Relationship?, CEPSI 2016 Conference of Electric Power Supply Industry, Bangkok, October 2016 (co-author, link).

-     CIGRE Work Group A2.38 final report: Transformer Thermal Modelling, CIGRE Paris 2016 Session, August 2016 (co-author & Task Force Leader CFD, link).

-     Hot Spot Determination in Transformer Windings through CFD Analysis, CIGRE WorkSpot VII Colloquium, Rio de Janeiro, 2014 (co-author, link).

-     CFD study of non-guided laminar mixed convection of a high Prandtl number fluid in a transformer winding-like geometry, International Heat Transfer Conference,  IHTC 15, Japan, 2014 (co-author, link).

-     Biotemp® Transformers in the Modern Substation, CIGRE International Colloquium Transformer Research and Asset Management, Zagreb, May 2012 (co-author, link).

-     Thermal modeling of power transformer radiators using a porous medium based CFD approach, THERMACOMP 2011, Dalian, China, 2011 (co-author, link).

-     Numerical Study on Mixed Convection and Thermal Streaking in Power Transformer Windings, 5th European Thermal-Sciences Conference, The Netherlands, 2008 (first author, link).

-     Modeling grain-size distributions, a comparison of two models and their numerical solution, Tectonophysics, 320, 347--374, 2000 (co-author with T. Den Bezemer, H. Kooi and S. Cloetingh).

-     Layer formation in double diffusive convection (overview article), in: Time-dependent Nonlinear Convection (Advances in Fluid Mechanics), ed: P.A. Tyvand, Computational Mechanics Publications, pp. 139-176, 1998 (co-author with H.A. Dijkstra and J. Molemaker).

-     On the evolution of double-diffusive intrusions into a stably stratified liquid: A study of the layer merging process, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer41, 2743-2756, 1998 (first author, co-author: H.A. Dijkstra).

-     On the evolution of double-diffusive intrusions into a stably stratified liquid: The physics behind self-propagating layers, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer41, 2113-2124, 1998 (co-author with H.A.Dijkstra).

-     Double diffusive layer formation near a cooled liquid-solid boundary, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer41, 1873-1884, 1998 (first author, co-author: H.A. Dijkstra).

-     A bifurcation study of double diffusive flows in a laterally heated stably stratified liquid layer, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer39, 2699-2710, 1996 (co-author with H.A. Dijkstra).

-     The structure of (linearly) stable double diffusive flow patterns in a laterally heated stratified liquid, Phys. Fluids7(3), pp. 680-682, 1995 (first author,  co-author: H.A. Dijkstra).

-     Double-diffusive Flow Patterns in the Unicellular Flow Regime: Attractor Structure and Flow Development, in: Double-Diffusive Convection, AGU Geophysical Monograph 94, eds: Fernando & Brandt, pp. 89-96, 1995 (first author, co-author: H.A. Dijkstra).



-     WO-2015040213, Static Electric Induction System (link), 2015

-     WO-2007069207, Access Control in a Network (link), 2006



-     2008 – 2016: Representing ABB in CIGRE Working Group A2.38 (“Thermal Modeling”), Taskforce Leader “CFD modeling”.

-     2012 – 2016: Reviewer, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems / Power Delivery.


Student supervisor projects:

Acting as project proposer & main supervisor on ABB-relevant areas (exploratory, outside of planned projects):

-     Mattia Montanari (CNRS Nantes, France): Multi-physics CFD-based Reduced-Order Modeling Approaches Using Commercial Codes (2013).

-     Yuhe Jiao (KTH Stockholm): CFD Study on the Thermal Performance of Transformer Disc Windings Without Oil Guides (2012).

-     Maria Hjalmars (KTH Stockholm): Optimization Study on Oil Flow and Temperature Distribution in Power Transformer Windings Using Global Optimization Methods  (2011).


Expertise on professional tools & standards:

-     Fluid dynamics: ANSYS FLUENT, Gambit & WorkBench.

-     Particle transport & EM modeling: Comsol MultiPhysics.

-     Model prototyping: MatLab.

-     Dynamical systems & continuation analysis: MatCont, CL_MatContL.

-     Implementation and programming languages: Visual Studio + Visual Basic, Fortran.

-     Office productivity: All main MS-Office tools, MS-Excel including writing of VBA-based scripting applications.

-     Embedded: Microcontroller architecture, embedded protocols (I2C, SPI) and sensor technologies.


Value-proven professional courses:

-     Project Management & Assessment (Gate Model)

-     Customer-driven Value Creation: Value Model


Other activities:

-     Semiprofessional activities on electronics / microcontrollers / sensor technology (website link):

o   Proprietary network architecture combining power delivery and intelligent node communications using non-polarized two-wire connections (website link)

o   Electronics introduction (microcontrollers) in primary schools

-     Support to local scouting group (Uppsala, Sweden): financial responsibility

-     Choir singing (Ten Toon, Groningen)




Geachte lezer,

Welkom op de nieuwe (maart 2013) versie van de website van Jurjen Kranenborg, Rian Drogendijk en Joost, Bart & Pieter in Zweden. Deze site is met name bedoeld om familie in Nederland en vrienden op de hoogte te houden van onze activiteiten, maar ook specifieke onderwerpen/projecten komen hier aan bod. Onze persoonlijke sites zijn via het menu aan de rechterzijde toegankelijk.

Dear reader,

This family website of Jurjen Kranenborg, Rian Drogendijk and Joost, Bart & Pieter is mainly used to update our relatves and friends about our activities in Sweden (we are of Dutch origin). Furthermore, this site contains specific information on some technical subjects (electronics, fluid dynamics) as well as other material, all accessible via the menu

Kära läsare,

Den här webbsidan används av familjen Kranenborg (Jurjen Kranenborg, Rian Drogendijk and Joost, Bart & Pieter) att informera släkt (i Nederländerna) och vänner om vår vistelse i Sverige. Dessutom finns det specifika sidor om vissa teknikrelaterade ämnen och projekt. Allt är tillgänglig genom menusystemet på höger sidan.

Hartelijke groet / Best regards / Vänliga hälsningar,

Jurjen Kranenborg


DSC04330Hier een overzicht van onze hoogtepunten uit de tweede helft van 2013, te beginnen met de prachtige zomerplek in onze tuin, want de lente en zomer waren fantastisch dit jaar in Uppsala. In de zomervakantie waren we nu eens uitgebreid in Nederland vanwege een 50- en een 45-jarig huwelijksfeest. Zoals gebruikelijk was er ook weer veel famiilie- en vriendenbezoek in de nazomer; het is leuk om de jonge gezinnen eens een aantal dagen achtereen in huis te hebben en ook de kinderen leren elkaar beter kennen (onze zoons spelen daardoor een belangrijke rol als ooms uit een ver land).

Lees meer en kijk / Read more Zomer, herfst en winter 2013

Joost heeft zijn middelbare schooldiploma gisteren gehaald (inclusief een oorkonde als beste van de school in het vak progammeren) en dat is natuurlijk ook in Zweden een groot feest (op Zweedse wijze, inclusief outfit met de karakeristieke pet!). Dit ging ongeveer als volgt: S'ochtends op school (zonder familie erbij) de diplomauitreiking, gezamenlijk eten en allerlei andere gezellige dingen.

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Aan dagelijks ruim 20 km fietsen komt een eind: Joost heeft op 7 september z'n nieuwe studentenkamer (op de derde verdieping met 12 personen) in Lund kunnen betrekken, en wij zijn vanuit Uppsala naar Lund gereden om met de verhuizing mee te helpen. Joost's verhalen over zijn tot nu toe zeer geslaagde introductie hebben we aan mogen horen tijdens het verorberen van een luxe lunch want nu zien we hem een tijdje niet meer ... . Al met al een zeer geslaagde dag met het gevoel dat hij nu een vliegende start maakt met een prachtig studentenleven in het vooruitzicht. Ook z'n examenkado, namelijk de electrische piano,  komt er aan en lijkt in de kamer gemakkelijk een passend plekje te kunnen krijgen.

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Winter 2012-2013 gaf veel sneeuw met mogelijkheden voor langlaufen, maar we hebben ook op de schaatsen gestaan. Hieronder volgt een impressie van deze en andere hoogtepunten, zoals bijvoorbeeld Gert en Natasja op bezoek, de hulpsint (wie o wie), de kerstperiode in Nederland, skieen in Romme, onze hertjes aan huis, langlaufen (alwaar wij de weg zijn kwijtgeraakt), Martine en Harm +  kids te gast, en allerlei andere zaken ...

Kijk hier / Titta här: Winter / vintern 2012 - 2013

Joost's Mahjong calculator (door hem geprogrammeerde java-applet) is weer beschikbaar!



Ga naar Joost's website via het menu bovenaan op deze pagina om de calculator te gebruiken.